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Authentic Shaolin Wudang Temple 

Wushu Kung Fu 

Tai Chi Chuan 


Internal and External Healing Qigong 

Shaolin Chuan Fa 'Kenpo'

Shifu Xi Miao Jingshen

Director, Shaolin Temple Nicaragua

When you train with us, you aren’t just learning External Kung Fu which is the tangible part of the Kung Fu training. You’ll learn traditional Kung Fu that involves all the inner (intangible Internal Kung Fu) and outer qualities of a true Kung Fu warrior.

Kung Fu isn’t what you do… it’s what you become.



I have found Shifu Jingshen to be a gem of a martial arts teacher. These days, it can be difficult to find someone trained in both external AND internal martial arts plus Chuan Fa self-defense.

Shifu Jingshen is extremely knowledgeable in these three important areas: the Shaolin Warrior art (both internal and external), in Chuan Fa self-defense, and in the internal arts of Qigong, Tai Chi, etc. 

As a teacher, He is very professional, and patient as well. He loves to teach adult students and is very good with kids. I have learned an incredible amount and become a better person with this excellent, high-quality training with Shifu. He loves the martial arts and he practices what he preaches.  -Tamariee Trogdon

I was diagnosed with Parkinson' Disease about a year and a half ago. During my last scheduled check up, my neurologist reported that since I started training in Qigong and Tai Chi with Shifu, my motor skills, balance, concentration, memory and fitness levels had greatly improved. The training helps me to concentrate and focus on the 'now or to live in the moment' and not worry about what the future could possibly bring. I am healing myself more each new day!

Thank you so much Shifu.

  • Joan Davis

When we step into our Tai Chi class we leave the negative world outside! We focus on breathing in positive energy and strengthening our physical and mental being. The class is both challenging and relaxing. The benefits that we gain are improved posture, flexibility, balance and confidence. I recommend the study of Tai Chi and Kung Fu for people of all ages!

-Jim Brunson



Combining External and Internal Kung Fu will give you a traditional, and balanced training experience. You’ll learn all the inner qualities that true Kung Fu warriors possess, not just how to kick and punch. 

Yin and Yang are not only opposites but also interdependent, without the other neither can exist. Without Yang, Yin cannot grow while without Yin, Yang cannot develop. They are in a dynamic equilibrium. Therefore, Yang in overabundance will transform into Yin, and Yin in overabundance will transform into Yang.

External Kung Fu (Yang)

External Kung Fu is easy to understand. It represents the practices and methods directly related to fighting, conditioning skills, tactics, etc. For some, external Kung Fu is considered the most practical because everything has a clear purpose, such as punching techniques to punch the opponent or target different vital points to deliver the most damage. External Kung Fu is about developing the tangibles – the easily seen and measured parts of human performance. MMA, for example, is dominantly an external martial art. Many modern athletes use mobility training, massages, psychologists, and mindset coaches to help them. However, many of these aspects are more developed in internal Kung Fu and Qigong.

Internal Kung Fu (Yin)

Internal Kung Fu is more about enhancing yourself, mind, body, Qi, and movements. It’s something that is supposed to support your athletic and fighting ability. For example, Zhan Zhuang, it’s an intense and ancient stability training. Authentic Internal Kung Fu goes deeper than learning how to control your body and generate power with body mechanics. You will learn to control your mind and attitude. Having the proper mindset is a necessary element of fighting that can make or break a fighter. Learning to cultivate “controlled rage” is one of the unique parts of Internal Kung Fu. In addition, Internal Kung Fu deals with relaxation, timing, Qi circulation, breathing, rhythm, and all the subtle but essential attributes of fighting. All the features are hard to measure. Internal Kung Fu is about developing the intangibles.

We improve the world with divine heart knowledge; self-control; balance; poise; equilibrium; a sense of values; singleness of eye versus double-mindedness, and then we use our hands

Shifu Xi Miao Jingshen

Kaivalya Temple Ideal

The highest ideal is to consistently achieve, to develop the entire person. Students of Shaolin are taught how to control their ego, pride, negativity, anger, hatred, desire, delusional and non-productive ways of thinking.

The training brings about an inner peace by way of a physical means that will enable the student to become a more compassionate, proactive, and successful individual.


Shifu Xi Miao Jingshen

Director, Shaolin Temple Nicaragua

36th Generation Shaolin Temple Warrior Disciple ordained (2018) under 35th Generation Shaolin Temple Warrior Shifu Shi Heng Rui. 6th Degree (2022) in Chuan Fa "Kenpo, Advanced Concepts.” (since 1980) Shifu has demonstrated the application and scientific principles of American Kenpo from the late Senior Grandmaster of American Kenpo, Edmund K. Parker Sr., until his untimely passing in 1990. And with Professor Bryan Hawkins, Master Professor Dr. Ron Chap'el, Senior Professor Willy Aguilar, and Senior Professor Jerry Erickson.


The fundamentals teaches the student how to obtain better strength, flexibility, structural integrity, balance, proper breathing, coordination, cardiovascular development, focus and timing. The Shaolin training principals strengthen the body from the ground up.

Understand the depth of the internal arts such as, Tai Chi, Qigong, Ba Duan Jin, Xi Sui Jin and Chan Mediation. These different styles of internal training strengthen the internal organs, bones, bone marrow, nervous system, cardiovascular system and neurological systems. Its method balances the body as a whole, not just in part. Whereas training in just the external forms of martial arts will only build more external body strength, speed, and stamina etc. It can be strong, but it won't be as strong as it could be with out internal practice being added to it.


During your training, you’ll stay on the Temple grounds. You can choose between our shared monk rooms and single monk rooms.

Shared monk rooms will be separated by male and female students. You will not be permitted inside the shared room of the opposite sex.

We also offer single monk rooms. These rooms have limited availability, so if you wish to secure your spot in one of these rooms, you’ll need to book well in advance of your stay.

During your stay, you will also have access to WiFi, a laundry area, two automatic washing machines, and a shared washing facility.

Items such as: bedding, towels, and linens are included in your registration fee. You’ll be responsible for providing your own toiletries, washing powders, extra blankets, etc.


All meals will be served in the dining hall. Meals will occur at set times each day; 7 am, 12 Noon, and 6 pm. The monks do not talk during meal times, and students will be expected to follow the same observations.

All meals are vegetarian/ vegan and can be adapted to different dietary needs and expectations. Please, discuss nutrition restrictions and requirements during your application.




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