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Kaivalya International, Quantum Spiritually Based Health Center with, Regenerative Raw Cellular Detoxification Program & External/Internal Shaolin Chuan Fa, Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong training. Located in Branson Missouri and primary operations on 30acres of pristine land in Central Nicaragua known as Massaya

Join us for Education & Training. Our program has shown a 99% healing rate over the last 15,000 clients and emerging practitioners. Develop and Restore Cellular Health and Vitality to Your Physical, Emotional and Mental body. And if you choose engage, in our Integrated External/Internal 1500-year-old tradition of Shaolin. In all, a whole new level of Mental Health and Physical Fitness that you have never experienced before! 


Kaivalya refers to the final stage of enlightenment, a state of total awareness. Inspiring new ways of being and understanding in the world by living simply, learning joyfully, experiencing community, and honoring the land. Kaivalya aligns with Permaculture sovereignty and local indigenous values. A vision, movement and global response, to keep all foods purely organic, trueganic, 100% free of toxins. To protect the individual rights of the people and private food production.

Permaculture and health care systems today, must not be treatment based but cause based. Genuine cures and health come from understanding the root nature of our entire consciousness and being. True Naturopathy or Detoxification encompasses the divine sciences of all of the highest consciousness of chemistry, biochemistry, botanical science, and physics. With personal health, the success of true detoxification in chronic and degenerative issues has been recognized worldwide. Experience has shown a 99% healing rate in most bio-logical and physical issues.


This involves the understanding that our being is the healer, and that energy is at the core of healing. Energy or the destruction of energy results from the design of the permaculture system, what we eat, drink, breathe, put on our skin, and how we think, the positioning of our consciousness.

Naturopathy is the purest form of healing.

Kaivalya International Nicaragua is set on 30 acres of quiet tropical nutrient dense land, with quick access to the pacific coast and within proximity to local community shopping, but isolated from urban noise and traffic. A complete Eco-Naturopathy and Cellular Detoxification Center.


Accommodations for short and long term stay, long-term work trades or paid employment opportunities. Completely off grid, featuring solar power and structured water technologies and state of the art organic food forest production.

Including an array of experiences, rejuvenating bodywork treatments, recreational facilities (pool, gym, hot tub), educational adventures and workshops in quantum Naturopathy, Qigong, native culture, art and dance each week that provide guests with fun and transformative experiences, and the tools needed to find and promote their higher selves. To connect with being and soul, deep Eco-Naturopathy understanding, and best of all, that the guest experiences, learning, and healing will become intuitive and permanently transformative.



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