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We have carefully selected a handful of conscious partners who are like-minded and shape our vision of serving others so they can live their healthiest, and best lives.

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shifu Jingshen

Shifu Xi Miao Jingshen, David Becket

Board Member Branson Missouri, and Masaya Nicaragua

36th Generation Shaolin Temple Warrior Disciple ordained under 35th Generation Shaolin Temple Warrior Shifu Xi Heng Rui. 6th Degree in Chuan Fa "Kenpo, Advanced Concepts.” Shifu has demonstrated the application and scientific principles of American Kenpo from the late Senior Grandmaster of American Kenpo, Edmund K. Parker Sr., until his untimely passing in 1990. And with Professor Bryan Hawkins, Master Professor Dr. Ron Chap'el, Senior Professor Willy Aguilar, and Senior Professor Jerry Erickson.

Shifu was a longstanding corporate IT business, quality assurance professional with depth of experience in the oversight, operations of business enterprise and CIA Covert Satellite quality activities in software manufacturing and implementation of processes in domestic, Australian, and UK operations.

Currently Shifu is acting as Eco-Naturopathy Retreat Visionary, specializing in Quantum Technology Personal Health Development and Cellular Regeneration Protocols. A 90-Day full spectrum guided Quantum Energetic Naturopathy program designed to take you from battling digestion, hormone, ulcers, tumors, diabetes, cancer brain & general dis-ease symptom chaos...Now, A self healing rate of 99% is achieved.

Creator of the only permaculture sovereign retreat in Nicaragua that is a dedicated center offering Non-Medical, Non-Invasive, Holistic, Lymphatic (Cellular) Regenerative Detoxification. At the programs core is Quantum Energetic Naturopathy, Including herb detoxing, juicing and colonic cleansing. Demonstrating client personal alignment with highest self and source, healing of core soul ancestral trauma, understanding emotions, karma, self-judgments, and resolving significant health and psychological issues, relationships and addiction.

Shifu has served as a bodyguard on several assignments, personal fitness trainer and completed 400+ Amateur Martial Sparring Encounters, and demonstrated skills as an extreme athlete including 4 extreme Off-Road vehicles built on 100+ hardcore offRoad trips, 25,000 ft+ of free fall from airplanes/ bridges, cliffs, 110,000mi+ Bicycle Travel, 2Mil ft+ expert downhill skiing, 200mi+ water skiing, & 5Kmi+ skateboard travel.

Shifu Xi Heng Rui, Dr. Jerry Erickson PhD M.Sc

Board Member Branson Missouri, and Nicaragua

35th Generation Shaolin Temple Warrior Disciple ordained under 34th Generation Shaolin Temple Warrior Monk, Shifu Wang Bo. 8th Degree in Chuan Fa "Kenpo, Advanced Concepts." Shifu Erickson has served as a bodyguard, personal fitness trainer, sports medicine physical therapist / holistic practitioner, and martial arts instructor for many celebrities, executives, and CEO's. Throughout his 50 plus years of training, Shifu has taught his martial science to groups such as U.S. Navy Seal Team, U.S. Airborne Rangers, Law Enforcement and Executive Protection Specialists. He was also honored to be a personal bodyguard on many occasions for his holiness, Tenzin Gyatso, the fourteenth Dalai Lama.

Member of the International Shaolin Disciples Society-Organization, Ordained Clergy, 40+ Years Experience in Sports Medicine Physical Therapy / Structural Body Alignment / Kinesiological Therapeutics / Neuro-Cybernetic Therapy / Qigong Therapeutic Healing Arts Practitioner / Traditional Chinese Medicine Qigong Energy Balancing and Healing / Holistic Health and Wellness Therapeutics / Diet and Nutrition / Naturopathy- Botanical Herbalist

Called to the martial art's at the age of 10yr, Shifu studied with Master Chuck Norris from age 14-18 years old. He served a four-year Military tour of duty in the United States Air Force and continued to study with various master's while abroad.

After his honorable discharge, he continued his studies with Mr. Norris and later opened his own first school.

Shifu studied the art of Filipino Kali, Wing Chun, Muay Thai, and Bruce Lee's method of Jeet Kune Do with Guru Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee's long time friend and business partner). Studied Tai Mantis Kung Fu with Sifu Dr. Kam Yuen, who taught David Carradine, fight scene choreographer and stunt fighter for the television series "Kung Fu."

Shifu studied the techniques and scientific principles of American Kenpo from the late Senior Grandmaster of American Kenpo, Edmund K. Parker Sr., until his untimely passing in 1990. Shifu continued to study Kenpo while teaching at both of his studios in Pacific Palisades and Redondo Beach, California, with Professor Bryan Hawkins, and then later with Master Professor Dr. Ron Chap'el, one of Mr. Parker's private students.

From 2001-2004, Shifu was also an Aikido student (the art of non-force martial skills) and Iaido (drawing and cutting with the Samurai sword 'Katana') with Sensei James Shibata at his third studio in Torrance, California.

Shifu Jerry accepted an invitation to study with the 34th Generation Ambassador Shaolin Temple Warrior Monks, Shifu Wang Bo and Shifu Yuen Jing in Shaolin Chan Meditation, and Shaolin internal and external martial art's. He was taught the ancient healing forms of Qigong energy healing, Qigong internal exercise for health and overal well-being. Xi Sui Jing, Yi Jin Jing, Ba Duan Jin, Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan, Tamo Jin (Shaolin Tai Chi straight sword).

In August of 2011, Shifu was ordained by Shifu Wang Bo and Shifu Yuan Jing with authority from the Abbott of the Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng, Henan, China, Xi Yongxin as a 35th Generation Shaolin Temple Warrior Disciple. At his ordination, Jerry was given by his Shifu, the Shaolin Temple name of "Shi Heng Rui."

Shifu furthers his knowledge of the Wudang Temple Internal Arts of Qigong, External Healing Qigong, Internal Alchemy, Neigong, and Tai Chi with Master's Wu Dang Chen and Zhou Xuan Yun.

He also trained in the 'original' fighting concepts of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do with the first- generation student of Sifu James Yimm Lee from the old Oakland, California school. At the same time, Bruce Lee was still alive, Master Professor Gary Dill.

Keith Starkey

Board Member Nicaragua

Keith was trained in Hawaii at the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage in the town of Makawao on the tranquil slopes of Haleakala in 2001. He specializes in Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi and lymphatic drainage and release massage techniques. Over the last 21 years he has accumulated a vast knowledge of the human body and has worked on hundreds of beings both human and animal.

The strokes and pressure used in Lomi-Lomi range from zero as in Reiki to connect energetically, through light lymphatic stimulation up to deep tissue/sports therapies. Lomi-Lomi brings peace, balance and unconditional Aloha in to the body to let the World fall away where healing can begin. Whether its just for relaxation or for therapeutic reasons the result is the same; you are transformed. Traditional Lomi-Lomi is about LOVE, healing and human connection.

Keith lived on the islands of Maui and The Big Island up till 2018 when the lava from the Kilauea eruption took his home, he then moved to the powerful and beautiful area of Sedona, Arizona where he continued to bring love and light into the World. It was in Sedona that he met Xi Miao Jingshen, director of Kaivalya and was introduced to the philosophy of Quantum Naturopathic Cellular Healing. He has since moved to Nicaragua and is a board member of the Kaivalya community.

Xi Miao Ai, Amy Erickson

Board Member Branson Missouri, and Masaya Nicaragua

Ordained 36th Generation Shaolin Temple Warrior Disciple. Shaolin temple name given, “Xi Miao Ai.” She was ordained under 35th Generation Shaolin Temple Warrior Disciple, Master Shifu Xi Heng Rui.

She has 8+years of martial arts training. Amy still continues to train and teach as an assistant instructor for Midwest Shaolin/Shaolin.Life.

In 2016 she won 1st place at the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Tournament in forms competition in Branson MO. Also, at the same event she was inducted as “Associate Instructor of the Year.”

2018 she was chosen to be a coach and trainer for the World Cup Championship in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Later that same year, she was nominated for a second time into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame as “International Instructor of the Year” in Kansas City MO. In November of 2018 she was honored by International Council of Grandmasters for 6 years of Martial Arts Excellence in Seattle, Washington. Amy has performed at the Hamner Variety Theatre in Branson MO along with various demos that were performed in surrounding areas.

When she isn’t training or teaching, she works as a licensed cosmetologist. Amy has over 15+years of experience in hair design, acupressure massage and reflexology techniques. She started learning reflexology and acupressure massage techniques as part of her martial art training. She then incorporated those into her daily work at the salon. As an artist, she has an online business and sells her clay jewelry and sculptures on ETSY.

Amy was born and raised in Branson, MO. Amy is currently living in Hollister, MO with her husband Xi Heng Rui.


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