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"Feeling really Totally Far Out! This detoxing program is the BEST I have ever done! I feel so so so Yummy! Shifu was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I instantly knew I was in good hands. Feeling the best ever in my LIFE; SO SO SO MUCH BETTER!"


Reno, Nevada

"I thought I was taking care of myself and what I learned took me to the next level..OMG. Shifu Jingshen answered all of my questions & concerns, very knowledgeable. Just do the program and challenge yourself, raise your vibration!"



"Been doing detoxing 4 years, and I finally hit a new level with this program! Vegan mucus free is the only way to go. Keep peeling the toxic layers off, and feel lifeforce. This program is now a core part of my life. Thank you so Much."


Sedona, Arizona

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