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Xi Miao Jingshen


About Jingshen

I'm Xi Miao Jingshen, a 36th generation Shaolin China Temple Shifu. A Quantum Energetic & Lymphatic Naturopathic Practitioner, and an experienced cellular detoxification expert. 


36th Generation Shaolin Temple Warrior Disciple ordained under 35th Generation Shaolin Temple Warrior Shifu Xi Heng Rui. 6th Degree in Chuan Fa "Kenpo, Advanced Concepts.” Shifu has demonstrated the application and scientific principles of American Kenpo from the late Senior Grandmaster of American Kenpo, Edmund K. Parker Sr., until his untimely passing in 1990. And with Professor Bryan Hawkins, Master Professor Dr. Ron Chap'el, Senior Professor Willy Aguilar, and Senior Professor Jerry Erickson.

Shifu was a longstanding corporate IT business, quality assurance professional with depth of experience in the oversight, operations of business enterprise and CIA Covert Satellite quality activities in software manufacturing and implementation of processes in domestic, Australian, and UK operations.

Currently Shifu is acting as Eco-Naturopathy Retreat Visionary, specializing in Quantum Technology Personal Health Development and Cellular Regeneration Protocols. A 90-Day full spectrum guided Quantum Energetic Naturopathy program designed to take you from battling digestion, hormone, ulcers, tumors, diabetes, cancer brain & general dis-ease symptom chaos...Now, A self healing rate of 99% is achieved.

Creator of the only permaculture sovereign retreat in Nicaragua that is a dedicated center offering Non-Medical, Non-Invasive, Holistic, Lymphatic (Cellular) Regenerative Detoxification. At the programs core is Quantum Energetic Naturopathy, Including herb detoxing, juicing and colonic cleansing. Demonstrating client personal alignment with highest self and source, healing of core soul ancestral trauma, understanding emotions, karma, self-judgments, and resolving significant health and psychological issues, relationships and addiction.

Shifu has served as a bodyguard on several assignments, personal fitness trainer and completed 400+ Amateur Martial Sparring Encounters, and demonstrated skills as an extreme athlete including 4 extreme Off-Road vehicles built on 100+ hardcore offRoad trips, 25,000 ft+ of free fall from airplanes/ bridges, cliffs, 110,000mi+ Bicycle Travel, 2Mil ft+ expert downhill skiing, 200mi+ water skiing, & 5Kmi+ skateboard travel.



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